Track By Tracks: DEAD TREE SEEDS - Back To The Seeds (2022)

The work is an update of some tracks from the 1st album "Seeds Of Thrash" dating from 2013.

This is the reason why this opus is called "Back To The Seeds".

Indeed, the 3 tracks of the 1st album, Set The Fire, Torture And Rage, Homage To Thrash which are present on the EP are tracks which were composed by the former members of the band.

These 3 pieces are pieces that we always play on stage and that have a strong impact on the audience.

The choice was therefore made to reinterpret them with a better production and an update to the taste of the day by the current members, rather than reissuing the first album in its entirety with its limited production.

The unreleased track "1796" composed and performed by the current line up marks the transition between the album "push the button" and what will herald the next album.

1796 is a piece dealing with the Italian campaign led by Napoleon.

Set The fire is a song that was composed by the members of Triakanthos (ancestor of Dead Tree Seeds). Piece composed by members of this period.

This is the story of the journey to a concert.

Torture and Rage is a track about the dictatorship in Argentina under Vileda.

Homage To Thrash is a tribute song to all the mythical Thrash bands we love.

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