Track By Tracks: Virgins Of The Seven Seas - The Sacrificed Tape (2022)

The thing is that the sacrificed Tape is a result of long pandemic lockdown evenings in the rehearsal room, as we had one killer Song “Milk The Goat” that we had recorded but didn't had a sound carrier to release it. So we had the Idea to throw it together with a bunch of other already recorded and released tracks on a cassette and to give it a direct and uncompromising Sound! The Sacrificed Tape!


Mutter Doom started as an instrumental jam late at night or early in the morning. After we rolled this for a while Max started to talk a dark story about life and from that moment the song never changed, except the length. When we play Mutter Doom live we never know how long it will be, as it is always a matter how it feels on stage at that moment.

2. BeDroCan:

During the same recording session as for track 4. Mountain we hit BeDroCan. When we entered the Studio that song was about half finished and we finalized the songwriting during the recording. Which was good fun but as well challenged us, as we were under pressure to get it done. During that days we were smoking a lot of a specific sort of weed that finally gave the Song its name.


This one was recorded for our first output ever, our self titled EP Virgins Of The Seven Seas. It was released digitally on Bandcamp and CD. We sold it on or gave it away for free on our gigs. But we never really promoted it. It's still a killer track and a inherent part of our live shows.

4. Mountain:

The Track was more or less completely written at home and we started to play it in the rehearsal room when it was almost complete. Which was a different approach for us, as all our other tracks have been developed out off heavy jamming! Finally we recorded Mountain live in a small studio in Hamburg Germany together with 3 other songs on one weekend.

5. Milk The Goat:

That song we recorded in our rehearsal room and it was originally designated for the album BeDroCan, but finally we decided that it would not suit that album. As we all really liked that one and loved to play it. We decided to do a cassette with Milk The Goat. And now it is yours!

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