Behind The Artworks: KENNY DUBMAN - Conflicted (2022)

Funny, because my answer to what the cover represents was originally going to be a bit vague and evasive, because it's very political, something that artists are likely to keep to themselves if they are conservative, for fear of being ostracized or canceled. But I stopped caring about that, I'm loud and proud now, so here goes:

My tattoos show that I'm a Constitutionalist; I'm a firm believer in preserving our liberties and freedoms as Americans as they were guaranteed by the Constitution. I never thought I'd get any ink until a few years ago, but when the time was right, I knew it. In one open hand, there's a hypodermic needle and a wad of hundred dollar bills, which represent the absolutely mind blowing drive (and legal ability) of Big Pharma to sell their products at any cost to actual human this case, the covid vaccine. Push the drugs, make the money, they are no different than street dealers, but have the government and the media supporting their agenda. Legal drug dealing. In the other open hand, there's a bunch of 9mm ammo...which represents the only line of defense between the citizenry and a tyrannical government....our Second Amendment.

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