Track By Tracks: Sylvan Realm - Waldeinsamkeit (2022)

1. Monumental abandonment:

Monumental abandonment is about unlearning, leaving behind one's story, identity, truth, lineage, an abandonment of a sense of self. There is also an emphasis on embracing loss and the inner void.

2. On The Wings Of The Spiritual Dragon:

On the wings of the spiritual dragon is an interlude that serves as a passage between Monumental Abandonment and a dirge for the lost.

3. A Dirge For The Lost:

A dirge for the lost is an anthem of grief and loss.

4. Quietus:

Quietus is about embracing the end of this world and existence as we know it. It’s a celebration of the end of life.

5. Twilight Kingdom:

Twilight Kingdom is a story of finding gateways of transcendence in nature. It’s a story of transcendence and transformation that connects with the essence of Waldeinsamkeit has.

6. Waldeinsamkeit:

Waldeinsamkeit the song is based on closure and the end of a journey. I try to capture all four seasons throughout this instrumental song and then a defined end that lays the album to rest.

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