Band Biographies: Denigrate

Since Denigrate was founded back in '96, the inevitable vibe of the band was to be dark, melancholy, tormented, and observative.

The quantity of albums released is really not the thing in this band.

From the first released album in 2003 to the latest 3rd one in 2022 called Blackguard, decades have changed and so has the band.

After no more than two albums released, after big-time local momentum with a Finnish cover song, after mandatory hiatus, after some line-up changes, Denigrate 2022 is at its hardest core.

Blackguard takes you deep, slowly, irreparably. It's the place where all beauty and evil befalls.


Galzi Kallio: Vocals
Pekka Pyrhönen: Bass
Seppo Nummela: Guitar
Tipi Toivanen: Drums

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