Behind The Artworks: Rise To The Sky - Every Day, A Funeral (2022)

The cover of “Every Day, A Funeral” was made by photographer and artist model Natalia Drepina. This is an album about loss and grief. The expression, clothing, and atmosphere she developed in this picture express this core idea very well. Natalia is well-known in the doom scene, she has worked with other artists such as Draconian or Evadne, so I was especially thrilled to have her as a part of this project. Additionally, for this album Chilean design artist Francisco González made a new logo specifically to go with this cover.

For the CD and Vinyl versions of the album, I worked with Lenore Ani (AniArtworks) who made a special design for the digipack CD and booklet and for the gatefold vinyl version. Lenore is a very talented artist that has worked with countless bands all over the world and she knew exactly how to make a unique piece of art out of this album.

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