Behind The Tracks: The After Dark Society – Phantom Pains (Single) (2022)

Phantom Pains focuses on themes of loss, grief, acceptance, and finally healing from the perspective of a loved one who has passed on from this life.

“Remember me, I’m more than a memory” comes soaring in at the start of the first verse as a plea from the phantom to not be forgotten and left in the past.

The first chorus grapples with the struggles of being unable to move on from the grief of losing a loved one. “You struck a vein, just to see the light”.

The lyrics that accompany the breakdown “Amputate/cut the deadweight/regenerate/and pave your own way” mark a turning point in the song as both the phantom, and the survivor come to accept their fates and begin to move on.

Finally, the last chorus ties the themes of the song together. The phantom and survivor remember the past, accept what they cannot change, and embrace the healing process. “The wound remains/put down your knife/your scars will fade/reclaim your life.”

I hope this song comforts anyone who lost someone incredibly close to them. The album artwork represents the beauty and frailty of life, both with the flower and the jar. One is destined to wilt while the other can easily shatter. Yet, both are beautiful. And it is the beauty of these things that should be cherished.

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