Behind The Tracks: Pressure - Secret Look (Single) (2022)

I am Simon from the Swedish Story metal band Pressure. We just released our double single “Secret Look” which is the second release from our upcoming album! This is a short story metal double single that tells the same story of a relationship but from both the male and female perspectives. Meet the perfect couple, beautiful, sexy, rich, great jobs, and well-liked by all! But if there is no passion and no trust - well then it’s just a charade!

The couple has what seems to be a perfect relationship as viewed from “outside” but no passion and no trust, they both are secretly watching and wanting the girl across the street They are not aware that the other is doing the same. Both are looking for excitement and yearn for the same girl across the street!

The first song “Just undress” tells the story of the girl who lives for the excitement of watching her secret desire undress through her window, not daring to express her feelings directly. During the day she is the perfect wife, but the wild side comes out at night when her boring man sleeps!

The second song “Barb Wire Love” tells the male part, of a man that wants a bit more rush and passion.

Not just the good and in his eyes boring life. In secret he watches the girl across the street who dresses a bit more seductive and seems to have more fun! And he just wants to let go and get out of all his responsibilities!

The story shows that if we have trust and talk to each other and are ready to work together to feel good, there is nothing to stop us from growing together! A relationship requires trust to grow.

Like with all our songs this song is also based upon a true story. Or perhaps even on several as we have seen this problem rising in a lot of relations around us. Today we live for all that is around us. Friends, parties, how we engage in politics, social activities, sports, and social media are sometimes more important than the relationship we live in. When we wrote this, we wanted people to acknowledge each other. Start to talk and see each other again.

The writing and musical process of Pressure is a bit different from other bands. We don’t chase the unifying sound, but we instead always start with the lyrics when we write. When we have the lyric we look for which type of music genre/style best tells the story we want to tell! This can mean that two-track has completely different sounds, guitars, fx, drums, and so on. This is something that we want to do even if we understand that some people think this is a bit confusing! But writing for story metal is this way. The story always comes first!

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