Behind The Tracks: Society 1 - I Never Saw You (Single) (2022)

When we were writing Black Level Six we decided to get real loose with the rules in terms of what was expected vs ideas that were being considered. I Never Saw You was one of the tracks that I just let go anyway and everywhere. The first half of the song is a swing in standard 4/4 time but the second half is in 4, 7 and 9. We've never really been known to venture too far out of 4/4 time signatures so it was a welcomed and exciting change to our writing style. The goal was to keep a groove regardless and still be able to sing a melody over it.

As far as the lyrical content it's a bit trite but it's about an ex-girlfriend. Basically the worst experience I've ever had within a relationship to the point that despite the time I spent with her I never really saw who she was. I never really figured out what was in her soul that made her the worst partner I had ever been with. By the end of the song I'm lamenting the demise of whatever connection we had and how by this point we were just lost in blame. No way to heal except "disappear from space and time".

That end riff in the multiple time signatures is like a demented lullaby singing our union into a death sleep. The feedback that enters prior to the singing are the screams of my soul knowing it faces complete annihilation if I don't escape. It's so bizarre that you're almost happy when the song ends. Just like the actual relationship.

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