Track By Tracks: Incriya - Nothingness (2022)

1. Eternity:

This was actually the first song that was finished for the EP. We wanted the song to have a huge contrast between the soft and atmospheric first section, with its ambient-like reverbs and synthpads, and the latter heavy part with its dense distorted guitar chords accompanied with huge drums and synths. Even though Eternity might sound somewhat different from the rest of the EP, it initiated many of the musical ideas that would eventually set an unifying theme for the EP: structures that are divided by deep contrasts, wide layered vocal harmonies and the use of microtonal harmonies.

2. Revelation:

This song was the result of a burst of inspiration and the entire song was written within two days. When I started writing the song, I had in mind a large crescendo movement that would consist of a machine-like rhythmic pattern and a spacious arpeggiated guitar that would paint a melody in the distance, gradually moving towards the surface. Structurally, Revelation also employs the idea of a big contrast, as when the crescendo wave has run its course, from beneath rises a bright and atmospheric clean part that eventually leads to another heavy crescendo which concludes the song.

3. Unknowable:

We wanted to build the heaviest and the most chaotic song of the EP, Unknowable, around a heavier version of the machine-like rhythmical movement that was introduced in Revelation. In this one, we wanted to push the relentless rhythmical drive even further and added a constant beating pulse in the rhythm section to further increase the tension. In contrast to the brighter atmosphere in Revelation, the harmonic world in Unknowable is considerably more ominous in character.

4. Nothingness:

In the title song of the EP, we mashed all the musical ideas from the previous songs together: contrasts, spacious synthpads, repetitive rhythmic drive and pulsating rhythms, wide vocal layers and microtonal harmonies. Structurally Nothingness consists of two contrasting sections, the first one utilizing tight rhythmic tensions and pulsating rhythms as well as gloomy harmonies and darker atmosphere, whereas the concluding section is powerful, rhythmically floating and the harmony bright and luminous.

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