Track By Tracks: La Nausée - Disorder (2022)

The songs BREAKING POWER and VORACITY are a call for awareness about who you buy from. These days we can have direct impact on society if we shop local, honest and durable. The monopoly of big food corporations has a lot of negative impact on the people and environment. The entanglement of politics and business is pushing to make our own choices.

DISORDER is a statement against oppression and unequal treatment of humans of any kind. We need to speak up, loud and together, to protect our values as human beings, to preserve our dignity and our identity. To give everybody the chance to be whoever they would want to be. Together we face the common misleading institutions!

IN STONE reflects on the human urge to ‘leave a mark’ or to ‘have done something meaningful’ on this world during our life whilst we know that a thousand years from now the only thing that probably will remain is a fragment of that coffee mug we have got in our hands. Life is here and now, and every action we take should fit our dreams and aspirations.

RIPPER describes the world seen through the eyes of a person in crisis, detached from the physical world. Help is in sight, help can be heard. He must accept and recognize his state of being if he wishes to reconnect…

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