Track By Tracks: ONELEGMAN - Event Horizon (2022)

1. Chaos Theory is the opening track. A powerful melodical song with a great chorus and a tasty guitar solo. It describes how errors occours both in nature than in our relationship and how everything can change in the blink of an eye, with the flip of a wing. Ready or not, Chaos will find it’s path to our lifes.

2. Expect the unexpected from “Magnetar”. Mysterious harmonies and unusual instruments are used in this monumental rock song. It’s a love story between two massive stars that embrace each other to avoid eternal darkness.

3. “Event Horizon” is the title track. Heavy and monumental. Huge guitar riffs and orchestral strings lead to an instrumental break that evolves until the chorus opens back again in its majesty. A question comes out from this song’s lyrics: is the event horizon the ultimate life’s limit o the last step to understanding life?

4. “The Line” is a catchy song. No way you won’t dance and sing along to it! Lyrics were inspired by the movie "Interstellar": some astronauts land on a huge planet where time affects them in a different way than the rest of the spaceship's crew waiting for them. The stronger is gravity the slower time will flow. One second can become a year.

5. “Radiate” moves from a strange acoustic intro with Indian influences to an orchestral and melodic rock song. Lyrics inspired by “Passengers”, an American science fiction movie, directed by Morten Tyldum in 2016. In the movie a couple of space travelers are forced to live their whole existence in complete solitude, dedicating themselves to building their relationship and safeguarding the supreme good of life.

6. “Steric Hindrance” is something we have never done before. We explored electronic music with a big rock chorus. Something Depeche Mode could be proud of. In science, the steric hindrance is the force that keeps the atoms within the same molecule allowing matter and life to exist. It's a bond impossible to break. Just like the one between lovers at the end of a relationship.

7. “Black Holes Have No Hairs” is the crazy side of the album. Huge and unexpected vocal harmonies, frenzy drums, and a weird breakdown weren’t enough so we added a heavy resolving riff to satisfy every metalhead that will listen to it. The no-hair theorem inspired the lyrics: nothing can leave a black hole, everything is canceled inside it. Leaving no trace of one's passage in this world is the worst nightmare for any living being.

8. “Order Of Time” is a heavy song with reminiscence of Korn. Chorus to sing at full power and groovy drums. Lyrics come from a book by Carlo Rovelli. The past and future are no longer opposed as previously thought and the only thing we take for granted is the one that will disappear, the present.

9. “Cosmos” is a vocal masterpiece. Get lost in every different layer of the voices in its chorus. It’s a song about the searching, exploration, the need to test, not to believe that the earth is the only planet inhabited by intelligent forms of life in the entire Universe.

10. “Slaps Two By Two Until They Become Odd” is Onelgman’s way to play thrash. Strong, straight, and bold rhythm followed by dreamy melodies. Human existence is entropic: the world looks perfect when you are a child but life hits hard when you are grown up and we can only resist the expectation of our own fall or we can struggle to try to change it!

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