Track By Tracks: Wasting The Genesis - Prey (2022)

We could say that PREY is a conceptual work. The general concept tells the story of an ancient deity who awakens after millennia of lethargy only to observe what the universe has become. He is aware that he is the only god left of his species, the one that inhabited and reigned in the universe shortly after its creation.

Upon encountering the human race decides to make a selection of these, with whom he will share feelings, thoughts, etc ... with the aim of creating a hive mind, and exterminating the rest as they pose a threat to the "ascension to a divine being united with him". In addition, in this way he would fulfill his original task as a god in charge of bringing balance, leaving the universe in its natural neutral state.

1. Stem of a forgotten race (ft Isaac of Mankind Grief):

In this track, the deity basically sends a tiny part of himself in search of a host on earth, the patient zero. When he finds him, he enters his body, and progressively, over 6 days, the patient zero start to hear voices in his head and to have thoughts that feel external to him. On the seventh day, he ends up totally unified with the deity thus beginning the contagion.

2. Breeding bacterium:

Patient zero searches for victims at night hidden from human sight, spying on subjects, and analyzing which should be selected for "divine ascension" based on their behavior. Once selected Patient zero attacks these chosen ones and inoculates them with the bacteria he has bred inside him. Passing each one through the same process as the previous track and infecting more people until a sufficient portion of the population is reached.


In this track, the "germination" is over and Themis, our deity, is defined as a group of entities, ascended humans led by the god. The rest of the humans, the "normal" ones, realize that something is not going well, and a war breaks out, which logically is won by the ascended ones. This track is accompanied by a video clip, in which you can see quite well how the patients are infected and the human race as we know it withers little by little.

Thy end, nu rise

Once the process is finished, Themis can hear screams from the subconscious of the superhumans praying to our god to be released. This lyric was especially funny to write because it is like arguing that there is no god written from the point of view of a god: "I am your true beginning, there is no god, there is nothing but me and my offspring". And the album ends in that context. With the earth calm and a new wide and efficient hive mind.

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