Band Biographies: Padra

Founded in 2010, the band initially started as an experimental project, implementing Farsi Lyrics alongside various metal subgenres. Since then, the band has released two albums and four singles, and throughout their journey, it has evolved to become one of the more mainstream acts of the Iranian metal scene. Their Farsi lyrics mirror the Iranian youth’s genre of preference, Persian Rap, and is why Padra can appeal to many Iranians and has landed them a loyal following in Iran.

A following that traveled from all corners of Iran to see the band’s two live performances in 2016 ensured that those live shows became two of the most memorable live experiences of the Iranian metal scene.

The band is never afraid to get political with their lyrics, which closely resembles Persian Rappers. In addition, they also incorporate Horror and Existentialistic elements in their songs.

Fans of bands such as Kreator and Testament will recognize Padra’s use of Old School Thrash Metal and Melodic Death Metal elements and their Modern Production approach.

Their Style of Ferocious Metal perfectly augments the message the band tries to convey, revolt and disobeying against retrogression.

In 2021, after moving to Istanbul, Turkey Padra signed with the first Iranian Metal Label, Tough Sounds, to deliver the outcry of Iran’s youth to the ears of the international metal community with their future singles in 2022.

Padra Lineup:

Ramtin Dashti - Vocalist/Guitarist/Producer
Amirali Khajavi - Guitarist
Ahmad Chegeni - Bassist
Keyvan Musavi - Drummer

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