Behind The Artworks: Bekmørk - The Path Nocturnal (2022)

Bekmørk is very fortunate to have Berserker as a member, not only because of his musical talents but for his artistic skill. The cover art and album layout were all his. We have worked on several creative projects together beyond Bekmørk. I find his design sense is so similar to mine, and his execution so flawless, every thing he does is perfect to what I was thinking. I can never even think of any suggestions to improve. I love this cover art. We wanted a cover that reflected our themes of darkness and cold with a witch, and he got it exactly right. If you buy the hardcopy version the lyric page has a backdrop of the interior of a castle. This is a photograph I took at Bergen Castle in western Norway. As noted above, there are also photographs from Kjosfossen, Norway and Weissenau Castle in Switzerland.

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