Behind The Artworks: Krilloan - Stories Of Times Forgotten (2021)

The art symbolizes the whole EP and the songs are reflected in the cover. We wanted a classic power metal cover and turned to Felipe Machado Franco (who has done covers for Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray etc) in order to bring the vision to life. The old man on the cover is Blotfer Phalanx himself, an old adventurer/warrior that’s sits in his tower by the shore of the Copper Sea, reading the chronicles he has written about his life – The stories of times forgotten that then is reflected in the songs. Behind him you can see the Moonblade to his left, Yggdrasil to the right and a storm coming behind it. At he moment he is reading the chronicle of the Fireborn and the book is starting to glow. I have always loved the idea to have the songs reflected in the art that goes with the songs and this was our take on it.

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