Track By Tracks: Anachronistic - 700 And 19 Ways Of Decay (2022)

Regarding the album title “700 And 19 Ways Of Decay”

700 -19 is an actual employment document number for people working in my realm.

My job kills almost everyone in one way or another.

I did a spin on the 700-19 and fittingly titled the album 700 And 19 Ways Of Decay.

Adi has agreed to do the next album’s artwork to provide cohesiveness for this trilogy. These things take a massive amount of time and coordination. We are planning for an early 2023 release of the Deeper into the Decay.

1. Recall:

Song about being incomplete depression over the past years rules and having a daily soul sucking persistent evil around. Nighttime, no windows, pure blackness becomes real life. Escape is the only option. No freedom, nothing to believe in, rules become the new god in this new “Reality” Slave to the Grind as going to work seems to be the only punishing option left. The coldness of winter, metaphorically speaking about shivering becomes a mantra, and the darkness and coldness consume oneself during these times. Persistent nonstop darkness WILL END.

2. Time To Drink:

Letting loose and escaping the grind of work and life is necessary. Time to Drink depicts the feeling leading up why it’s time to drink. Crummy out, feeling depressed, fighting self-control, etc….Hank is actually Matt’s persona when he gets drunk. Hank rages sometimes and is pretty loveable for his ridiculous drunken Antics.

Hank does weird stuff and feels like the cops are chasing him as he ran out into the woods to dig a hole to hide in. Hank won’t make it and the cops are going to put him in the slammer.

Swish is another word for a dirty old bottle of booze. Grab some swish and a bag of chips and set off into the night. Hank came home a few times and passed out in the shower. Once Hank ate a random girl’s Bouquet of Flowers at a bar and it was quite the site to see given the setting and circumstance. Hank is fun, but gets really loose in a fun way. Hank causes Matt morning regret hence why he wants to put Hank in the noose. After a mixed drink of OJ and Vodka, eating a Chinese Goose, Hank is in the noose. True feelings and story in a fun comical way.

3. Festering Stench:

I actually wrote this song after going to my friend’s apartment and he had a fridge that had a bad stench coming out of it. Went a little off and decided to write a song solely based on a festering stench in his fridge. Pretty Hilarious, but fun song!

4. Going to the Ball:

Being around the military realm for almost 20 years it’s an annual event for these “balls” They are ridiculous and turn into a drink fest almost every single time. People get a haircut, clean up shoes, and ham it up in a “ball” setting. This song is a sick viewpoint on crapping your pants, eating Burger King, and getting fat and the “The of Fury” as everyone typically powers drinks there in an “open” bar setting. Ball Of FURY!

5. Eruption of a Hork Filled Gut:

A real-life story is about a friend of a friend who went out for drinks one night and puked all over the place at a bar.

He ate crappy food and was a ticking time bomb ready to spew at any minute.

We all went out to the smoking area at a bar and our friend had this look on his face…..Last time this happened everyone knew. He went over to the rail and let it fly. My friend invoked a Hork, Hork, Hork, Hork chant with everyone outside as he spewed up a bunch of crappy food. Again it’s a true, but hilarious story. Gurgle HORK!

6. Follow The Rules Or Die:

A true story about following the rules during this insane time. Worthless vaccine people fought against, worthless rules, feeling like it will never end. I once internationally traveled and got in trouble over a CBD-infused hair care serum. The Criminal Investigation Department was gunning for me to make me “pay” for this hair care product. Basically trying to slam for carrying “narcotics” although it was a legitimate hair serum. This realm is just absolutely ridiculous and the only luck is if someone dies after working his/her life in it for 20 years while following horrible rules and following spineless decisions. The rule-makers banned everything, lunch, life, thoughts, life, strife, and death…Pretty self-explanatory song. True story, obviously.

7. Hatred for Work Causes Gout:

True story about my boss who hated his job so much he got gout.

The job held insane hours, starting @ 3am and working 12+ hours.

No chance for a real diet, just grab some peanuts and keep on grinding away.

His foot got so swollen. The doctor put him on meds to ease his pain.

Self-explanatory song and actually my personal favorite song from this album. It’s a song about my boss’s hate for work and causing his feet to get gout. Come on, it’s hilarious because it’s so ridiculous, but it’s all true!

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