Track By Tracks: BURIED REALM - BURIED REALM (2022)

I think the overall atmosphere of this album is more energetic and aggressive compared to the previous ones. The general lyrical theme is a paranormal and psychological twist… mind tricks if you will.

1. Spectral Light:

One of the faster songs on the album. “Spectral Light“ carries fun, intertwining leads/ melodies and non-stop, in-your-face vocals. The lyrics are mostly inspired by disturbing horror stories of possession and exploring the dark side of one’s mind…

2. Poison Palace:

“Poison Palace” is the most abrasive and intense Buried Realm song. Lyrically, it is about people becoming chemically dependent, believing there is no other cure for their ailments. Ultimately, driving people to the point of mind-warping insanity.

3. The Iron Flame:

The loss of family and friends.

4. Witch Bones:

A tale of temptation and resurrecting evil. Playing with fire, even though you know the outcome won’t be pleasant.

5. Where the Armless Phantoms Glide:

A continuation to the “paranormal/ supernatural” theme. Putting together the back and forth vocal arrangement between Dan Swanö (growls) and I (screams) was a blast.

6. Elder Gods:

“Elder Gods” was the first song written for the album. Upbeat, melodic, groovy. The lyrics are about creating your own “protective” god to justify terrible habits, but you’ve only created something more sinister.

7. Quicksand Memory:

“Quicksand Memory” encompasses the overall vibe of the album, musically. The lyrics were written about forms of dementia, time/ memory loss – not understanding where you are, or who you are at times. The thought of sudden absence is terrifying.

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