Track By Tracks: EKOA - Chrysalis (2022)

Meaning of the Title:

The album title is an allegory of the band itself. We are now working hard to find our sound and our image. It has not matured yet. But we expect this potential to grow bigger to its final state. This mini-album shows the Chrysalis state of the band. Expect to hear more from us!

Meaning of songs:

1. Rooted into Grudge:

It's about a person who holds grudges on his surroundings and the effects it has on them. He tries to influence others in his own dark world but people get fed up with it.

2. The Stoic:

As it indicates, it's about stoicism. About not letting our emotions take control and focusing on what's in our power. A message of accepting what destiny puts in your way and that you just have to move on strong and determined.

3. Delegation of Thoughts:

That's a dystopian view of technology, where we let our creation (let it be a computer) take responsibility for our thinking.

It's a bit of satire on our society where we delegate more and more of our abilities to machines. I pushed the idea to a world where we don't even think on our own and wonder if we can ever go back.

4. Chimera:

This one talks about desires and how they act like a driving force to lead us somewhere in life. We all experience this kind of desire to reach a certain goal that seems too perfect, too complicated and quite unfathomable. That is the chimera. But even if that goal is just an impossible idea, it leads us somewhere. And those who do not have goals or desires may be quite lost.

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