Track By Tracks: PreHistoric Animals - The Magical Mystery Machine (2022)

1. An empty space

The album intro works as a bridge from the last song on Chapter 1, “Into battle”. It reuses the chorus. It is also a link to the last song, “It’s a start, not the end” with the words “I’m walking out, I see an empty space”.

2. We harvest the souls of the brave:

Samuel has almost never listened to Rammstein but he almost wrote a ripoff with this riff. 😊 It’s a very energetic song about Cora and Jareths reunion.

3. I’m the chosen one (and I like it):

Cora finally likes to be the chosen one and she almost reveals the secret. A very long instrumental intro on this one, but wait for it, the chorus is great!!


The first video/single from the album. 9/8 verses that are really complicated to play and sing but actually really fun to play live. Keep your ears open for the Rush reference.

5. Cora’s new secret

Cora is told that her partner, Jareth is not allowed to follow her on the great mission. Probably one of the most easygoing songs on the album.

6. The protectors of the universe:

An insane song that starts as almost a Disney musical but ends with the heaviest part ever written by the PreHistoric Animals. Once again it started with an instrumental track from Samuel.

7.2100 (New years eve):

The first song that was finished for the album. World record in key changes in the chorus.

8. Pull me in:

This song started with a weird 7/8 guitar part from Daniel. Stefan added electronic elements, lyrics and melodies.

9. It’s a start, not the end:

The epic last song on the album. Cora and Jareth breaks through the enemy lines and travel to the new world with their magical device.

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