Band Biographies: Hounds Of Thyra

Jiri Borek, born in 1980 in the east of Czech Republic, currently living in Erlangen, Germany. Jiri, the songwriter and lyricist formed a group called Hounds of Thyra at the end of 2021. A grey boring winter, no live shows and the pandemic forced him to call a couple friends to help writing a debut album called "Planets to ashes, stars to dust". Later on, followed by an EP called "Legends of Kattegat". Nine songs have been released under the label of Turtle Records ( The music went public on many streaming services at the end of March 2022. On April the 3rd an EP called "Legends of Kattegat" containing 4 songs was released. Tomas Baptista and Eric Castiglia have been invited as the singers.

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