Track By Tracks: Dirtred - Prophecy Of The Fall (2022)

1. Begin At The Beginning:

This is the intro track and we came to this title while reading Huxley's Brave New World. It was a statement emphasized by the professor during explaining to students how to program children for socially acceptable behavior. We have a music video for this track which is something like a comic. It mixes both Brave New World and 451 Fahrenheit. See for yourself!

2. To Kill A Man:

Yeah, this title definitely seems censorable but if you delve into the lyrics, you'll find out that it's not about killing another man but rather about losing human values. The song is pretty fast and simple in its structure, it's basically three riffs!

3. Drawn Into The Void:

You have to hear the breakdown, it's massive! Besides, some of the riffs used are very old but when played on an 8-string guitar they started to sound modern again. Good riffs never get old!

4. Promethean:

The general mood of this song is very hi-tech. We hear about a civilization of androids, a perfect society. It's a continuation of the Brave New World theme. Would you like to have an artificial body?

5. End Of The Century:

Musically that's the most progressive track on the album. Also, the lyrics are the translation of a poem by Polish artist Kazimierz Przerwa-Tetmajer. Again, not very optimistic.

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