Track By Tracks: Gabriel - Asmodeus (2022)

1. Gabriel:

Gabriel is the archangel in all three of the world’s major religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam). Gabriel bridges the gap between life and death leading us to whatever is next. In doing so, we continue our journey to understand the truth of our existence, our true nature and the mystery of what lies beyond.

2. Running:

A song about how in our limited knowledge and consciousness, we seek to escape what we believe to be an unknown and scary truth about the nature of reality. We spend our lives running from a fear of the unknown. We choose to ignore the truth in exchange for feelings of safety. We don’t ask or want to know the real answer to the question “Why?”.

3. Hounds From Heaven:

Wolves are used as a metaphor for the Universal God head’s natural soldiers who pursue you in order to ravish you with God’s love. The question becomes, can you surrender or will you die trying to escape them?

4. Here In You:

Written from the perspective of the internal voice that resides within. Is it you? Is it separate from you? How you choose to relate to the voice that is inside of you will determine your fate. Either way, it’s real and wandering through your mind and this song is about its perspective of being here in you.

5. The Presence of Angels:

Do angels exist? A song about how we can feel in the presence of angels. Belief in their elusive presence brings hope for a better life, a better world. You may not see them, but are they there behind it all, looking out and taking care of the precious journey we call life?

6. Holy Water, Fire and Ice:

A song about the experience of being possessed by a spirit that makes you question all you have known thus far. They offer a new-found freedom and love if only you partake in the ritual, and drink from their cup. Will you join the other side?

7. Within the Circle:

About a mortal woman who joins a coven of witches. Being seduced by the power of witchcraft, a mere mortal is coaxed to join a coven of not so mortal witches. Once anointed, the once mortal woman now seduces new prey to join her within the circle and experience the meaning of real power.

8. Requiem Aeternam:

Gabriel’s prayer for the dead. The arrival of the living at death’s door in search of bonding with love. What is next? Heaven or Hell? Gabriel responds with a prayer of love to soothe the doubt and darkness of dying.

9. Rebecca:

A direct tribute to the movie “Rebecca” directed by Alfred Hitchcock and based on the novel by Daphne du Maurier. How a dead woman’s memory and reputation play a powerful presence in the life of young newlywed. In this song, the lyrics are sung from the haunting perspective of Rebecca.

10. Anger:

One of the seven deadly sins, this is a song about the power of unbridled anger. 

11. The Moment:

A song about that moment between life and death. A time when we are faced with the life we have lived and the future we are embarking on. As the arch angel, Gabriel helps take the soul from the past life lived to what comes next. “The Moment” becomes synonymous with all moments of profound realization and understanding, marking a clear time between before and after.

12. Into the Light:

A light-hearted, humorous, and gothic story of what happens to our souls upon our death as we go into the light.

13. Asmodeus:

Asmodeus is the prince of demons and represents lust. This song is about succumbing to the temptation of lust. Gabriel sings to Asmodeus making clear the price to be paid for betraying others.

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