Behind The Artworks: Sublation - The Path To Bedlam (2022)

The concept for the album title came from the track Trepanning of the Evangelics which describes an alternate timeline where Bedlam hospital was utilized to lobotimize religious individuals:

“Leucotome; it is the key
To unlock what’s in one’s mind
From Bedlam, ye shall be saved
Faith rots them from the inside”

The Path to Bedlam both functions as a descriptor of the world being on the path to madness and disorder, as well as conveying that the institutions put in place to “cure” madness are often their own hellscapes. It’s Bedlams all the way down.

In the summer of 2021, I found Misha Mono’s work through an EP cover for the band Scalpel, and I knew Misha would be the perfect fit to execute the loose vision I had for the cover. I sent Misha my pitch, a depiction of Bedlam hospital by William Henry Toms, and some of Misha’s previous work that I enjoyed most. The end result is the best looking artwork I’ve ever been associated with.

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