Track By Tracks: Majesty Of Revival - Pinnacle (2022)


The first song on the album is about inner freedom and the willingness to accept reality as it is - one of the hardest things in life! Life never stops moving forward, so don't waste your time on fruitless dreams or regrets: only the present matters!

2. You Have A Message:

This is the second track off the new album and this song is about repressions in the Soviet Union. Actions take place in the KGB department, where is an interrogation with predilection before sending a prisoner to the GULAG. By the way, we did this music video with famous Ukrainian videographer/singer КОЛІН. It was a really fun experience!

3. Rebellion:

Rebellion is the third track off the PINNACLE and it sums up the whole album! The song itself speaks about leadership and unity. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. Also, it's very important never to stop and explore new horizons. And help each other and make this world a better place, since we're all trapped on this planet together. "Leave the uncertainty, stand tall & just follow me Together we'll break these condemned cells"

4. Mindcrime:

This is our fourth track from PINNACLE and it features David Readman as a guest singer. This track sounds more in the "Iron Gods" album mood, it's a power metal hymn!

Get out of your comfort zone, because life is a race. You'll get your balls to the wall, man! Otherwise, you just won't be worthy of your goals. And never doubt! You'll rest later when it's over!

5. Fool:

The fifth track from our new album features Kartsy Hatakka on vocals from legendary Finnish band WALTARI and Volodymyr Schobak from Ukrainian folk-rock band TRYSTAVISIM!

Christians, racists, capitalists, beggars... everyone defends something. But what will happen when the most valuable things are taken away from you? This song describes only one way of "dealing" with the greedy. It doesn't matter what they take from you, if they ask to become your foes - let them know who you are. Defend your own and never turn into a fool who will sell his best idea for the benefit of others!

6. Deliverance:

This song speaks about depression and burnout issues.

How many times have you thought: “I can get through this. It’s just a phase...” But months later, here we are - seemingly stuck in the middle, completely empty inside. When the expectations are like moving targets, or any action doesn’t matter that much anymore - you may be disillusioned with everything.

For this track, we teamed up with Veronika Shestakova: she recorded beautiful violin sections, adding more epicness & monumentality to this composition.

7. At All Costs:

The 7nth track off the #Pinnacle album! Classical music always has a special place in our hearts, and this piece is totally classical-inspired. Lyrically it looks like a continuation of Deliverance (despite the fact that this album is not a conceptual work). Dealing with indecision and unconfidence is always tough. But there are "more things yet to be unraveled; beautiful dreams yet to be achieved and many more fertile grounds yet to be cultivated".

8. Dig Me Up Part II:

Actually, the first part was about a guy who has major problems with overdramatizing all around him. The least problems can cause him to fall into depression, despite the brightness of his life. And once his depressive wishes have been fulfilled. But in this continuation, the main character decides to fix everything, despite the fact that he already buried himself in total nothingness and left without friends. "There is always hope, even if your brain tells you that there isn't".

9. Citylights:

This is one of the first tracks created for the new album. This song is about the charm of the night city and the inspiration that comes during night walks! It is an escape from the interdictions of daily routine; an exaltation of endless discovery and joy in being alive - before the sun rises again, the nocturnal city awaits you.


This is the longest track on the new album and in this song, the stone is presented in different forms - as a multi-contextual symbol (self-confidence, shame, fear, anger, the delusion of grandeur). The cool thing about this song - it was made last since we assembled it from the pieces of unused ideas that last from other songs. Somehow we put it together just for fun and it sounded so cool that we decided to make a song out of it.

11. Things Are Not What They Seem:

This track can describe a lot of social problems. But there is one particular topic of “Things are not what they seem” – domestic violence, despite its non-obviousness. And it’s not about some gruesome pictures of women beaten by their men, what is on hype and is harmful to the victims of domestic violence because of oversimplification of this problem and gender stigmatization. You need to consider such factors as upbringing, education, social status, faith, parents of both sides of the conflict, sometimes even psych diseases, etc. So the core of the song is, as mentioned previously, domestic violence. But not in a popular way like “woman loved-woman was beaten-that sucks”. We tried our best to bring up the origin of the problem in a few words. “Blind devotion” and “sweet misguidance” lead to demolition that is unwanted to be seen, so it leads you to the “Dome of fright and dreams” because nothing is as simple as it seems.

12. Guardians:

This is probably the weirdest song we have ever written! We did our best to build a composition about the complication of a life path, and filled it with subjective visual description, tactile and audio figures. All this to make you not just listen, but also feel the song! There is a little bit of reference (actually it's huge) to one of the most iconic poets in the history of Ukraine - Taras Shevchenko. "Guardians" is available in English and Ukrainian languages!

13. Overcome?:

Everyone has moments in life when drastic changes are needed, but instead, you feel stuck and drained due to failed expectations. In times like these indecision and lostness must be overcome, even if you have to devote yourself wholly to this fight. This track is full of atmospheric keyboards, mesmerizing guitars & emotional vocals. The album finishes on the question "was it worth it to overcome?", so you can only guess what the band prepared for the next release :)

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