Track By Tracks: Vice - For The Fallen (2022)

The album is based on the last few years in society, and how major events like the Covid Pandemic affected different people in different ways. Whether; this is through, being alone throughout lockdowns, losing friends/family, work, serious mental, and physical illnesses, etc.

It touches on the subjects of people who suffer from different chronic illnesses/conditions, which can be either physical or mental health issues.

It also relates to loss due to Wars, Human rights abuse, political prisoners, and Democide!

1. Strive:

This song is about self-improvement and making a difference in your own life. Controlling your demons and not giving in to your own dark negative thoughts.

2. Rise:

About making a stand against a society that has held people down for too long, whether this is through poverty, corruption, and the greed of members of power. Standing up against it as a group and taking action

3. Vultures:

About people who try to prey on the vulnerable, those who may have lost someone close to them or split up with someone, and said people attempt to claw their way in and take advantage of the situation for their own gain.

4. Exist and Remain:

This song is about how archaic some religions are and, still blind people to the real world. Whether this is punishing people in other countries for certain lifestyles (Gay, lesbian, transsexual, etc.) and forcing people to conform to “rules” that have no place in the modern world.

5. Break The Cycle:

Is a song about dealing with bipolar disorder, and many other mental health Issues! It talks about the manic highs, which can swing to the bottomless lows, and how medication can be used to try and control the illness to break the cycle of events.

6. Failure:

This song talks about post-traumatic stress disorder, and other traumatic events that can cause a person to have flashbacks to times of severe stress, and how it affects them in day-to-day life. The chorus is about trying to explain how the trauma has affected them and how they attempt to rationalize their problems.

7. Left Behind:

Is about struggling to come to terms with the debilitating effects of illnesses, such as Motor Neurone Disease, Dementia, and other similar illnesses. Causing people to feel suicidal due to despair and the hopelessness of the situation they find themselves in. Explaining how even though the mind is still working, as it should, the body won’t respond

8. For the Fallen:

Loosely based on a Second World War battle “ The Battle of Arnhem” Where Allied troops were trying to capture bridges at Nijmegen but ended up being considered a failure due to being overwhelmed by German forces. The song also touches on issues of communication, and how the foot soldiers were just pawns being controlled by higher powers in their headquarters. Loosely tied to dealing with loss in general.

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