Behind The Tracks: Lives Lost - Letting Go Of Ghosts (Single) (2022)

Tanis Pellegrini: “This song is very simply put us letting go of the ghosts of our past,” explains Pellegrini. “Toxic relationships both familial and romantic tend to weigh people down for years and they struggle to let go of the past. This is a call to action to lose that toxic sludge and let go of the past with us.”

The track wastes no time jumping into the action, with the first verse quickly giving way to a soaring chorus, blending clean and scream vocals over a bed of crunchy riffs and top-notch production.

‘Letting Go Of Ghosts’ was produced by Jeff McKinnon and Evan Seeberger. Along with the track, Lives Lost has also released a music video for the single, shot on location at Forteca Estates and directed by Robert McCoy. “We had the perfect concept for the song, and between a perfect location thanks to Forteca Estates, and a perfect look thanks to Robert Mccoy, everything ended up perfect!” says the band. “And honestly between Robert bringing our work to life, my lovely wife Harley Pellegrini being not only my biggest supporter, but my muse and our ghost for the video, and the band shelling out perfect performances, we really couldn’t ask for a better shoot and we hope you all love it!

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