Track By Tracks: Eternal Drak - Shadow Storm (2022)

Shadow Storm is the 4th Long Play of the band. Recorded in FirstWave Studio Quebec Canada. We have gone deeper into the shadows with this album. We have traveled between different styles of metal, thrash, black, and some groove also. We have written about different things in this album, gods, sickness, and the black part of our soul that is always waiting and fighting to get free.

1. Oblivion Is Dishonor: 

It’s a dark song that reminds us how hard is to forget something. How difficult is it to let someone who already passed away leave and to accept he won’t be back?

2. Hide Your  Madness:

Thrash song, tells the story of a madman who one day loses control of discerning between the false voices that speak to him and reality. One morning he finally goes out obeying these voices with a rifle to kill all those he considers guilty of his state.

3. La Nueva Orden 2021:

Black song with an interlude of acoustics guitars. This is a re-recorded song from our first EP “La Resurreccion De La Orden Guerrera” from 2002. We show here a future world dominated by the Lucifers troops where finally the men are free.

4. Maldita Oscuridad:

Black metal song. This track expresses a personal experience, after being diagnosticated with an eye disease that ultimately ends in total darkness. It talks about the first step in the acceptance process.

5. La Vierge De Fer:

Groove Black Metal in French. In English “The Iron Maiden” is one of the most excruciating devices made for torture. In the song, one man is being tortured to reveal some kind of truth, night after night he is taken to the machine so that his blood slowly drains.

6. Black God:

Thrash-Black song, tells the story of a woman full of faith in her god, she prays and follows his rules, but like everyone else, tragedy arrives and makes her doubt her beliefs. She prays to a black god.

7. The Eyeless Gleeth:

Groove thrash metal songs. The eyeless Gleeth is one of the Gods of HP Lovecraft, the deity of the moon that without eyes fights for its place among the gods.

8. Shadow Storm:

Groove black metal songs. Instrumental.

9. Midnight Call:

Groove black metal. The worst phone calls in life come late at night, bad news, or someone mad at you. Anyway those bad things will come to you and you won’t be able to let them pass.

10. Are You Gonna Fuck My Way:

Cover from Lenny Kravitz adapted in the lyrics to inverse the significance.

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