Track By Tracks: REIGN OF GLORY - ALL WILL BOW (2022)

1. Forever and Ever:

Burner. The chorus has a major attitude. The breakdown rules. Packed with truth and power.

2. Welcome to Reality:

Crunchy. Head snapping groove. Lovely bridge into solo out. Yes. Life and death are an inevitable realities for all.

3. Rise of Aslan:

Deep groove with a cocky attitude. Inspired by the works of C.S.Lewis. makes you march like a big dawg.

4. Samson’s Kryptonite:

Another downright sassy and sexy tune will have you nod your head in agreement. Dude!

5. Love Came to Die:

Killer ballad everyone can relate to. The softer side of Reign of Glory.

6. Call Down the Thunder:

Uptempo rocker exploring faith and a “hurry up and wait” scenario.

7. Last Daze:

The state of Louisiana influenced rockers. Crunchy peanut butter verses. Fast unison lick is a tasty morsel. Prophesy is fulfilled right before our eyes. Frightening.

8. The Edge of Night:

This one is an encouragement to those suffering from thoughts of escape via suicide. Just hold on Homies! A guitar solo will melt your face off.

9.1000 Years:

Drop D and tune down a whole step. Heavy duty. The Prince of Peace will reign for 1000 years. Ride on Lord God Almighty. Yet another rip-your-head-off guitar showcase. Bass and double kick outdo leaves you breathless.

10. Writing On the Wall:

Soulful and slow buildup into crunch snow territory. Everyone is given free rein to stretch out and pull out all the stops. Semi-eerie guitar fades out into pure satisfaction. Lyrics are truth personified.

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