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MASSFACE is an ever-evolving six-piece alternative metal/progressive rock band from Saint Petersburg, Russia. MASSFACE formed in 2013 as the band CodeRed changed its name due to a decision of shifting from the initial nu metal style to explore different sonic territories. This first led them to the release of a couple alternative rock singles (which was followed by a singer change in 2016) and an alternative metal/post-grunge-inspired self-titled studio album. 'MASSFACE' (2017) kicked off the band's career with hit singles "Shadows", "Remember" and "Black Water", and led them to win the Russian part of an international Emergenza Festival and ultimately playing the Taubertal Festival in 2018. In 2019, MASSFACE further pushed the genre boundaries on "Blank", the band's first delivery in the progressive rock genre, which was followed by another singer change in 2020.

In 2022, MASSFACE is proud to present its most expressive and experimental release to date, 'Inequable'. For 'Inequable', MASSFACE found themselves diving further into the progressive rock/alternative metal sound ("Aftermath", "The Fount", "One"), this time spicing it up with metalcore/post-hardcore ("Bystander") and even pop-punk elements ("Dunes"). Overall, MASSFACE's 'Inequable' is a good addition to the music libraries of Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus, TesseracT, Deftones, A Perfect Circle, and Tool fans.

'Inequable' was recorded with engineer Artem Chepurin (SHREZZERS, DORA) at April Sound Studio and Dobrolet Studio, Saint Petersburg, and mixed/mastered by Daniil "PARANOID" Sukhochev (Invertor, Electric Indians).


* Aleksandr Grigorev - vocals (since 2020)
* Ivan Romanchuk - guitars
* Alexey Novikov - bass
* Aleksandr "Talberg" Tarabrin - guitars
* Semyon "Sammy" Martsinkevich - keyboards
* Denis Shulika - drums

New MASSFACE album "Inequable":

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