Behind The Artworks: AITTALA - Live To Regret (2022)

When it came to thinking about artwork for ‘Live to Regret’, I started scouring the internet to see if I could find an artist.  I found some interesting work on DeviantArt by Danish artist Mariano Pugliese. I loved his style and knew I had to work with him.

After I contacted him, I gave him some samples of his prior work that I liked and info about the album. The original title was going to be ‘War of Attrition, but as we developed the idea, I felt ‘Live to Regret’ fit the artwork better as it evolved; the characters represented the chaotic relationship I was in during the pandemic.

To me, the artwork has a bit of a renaissance feel and look to it and represents the album perfectly.

Within the cover art, there’s also a nod to Aittala’s ‘American Nightmare’ album. If you look between the main subjects, you’ll see a faint skull which is the same skull used on the ‘American Nightmare’ cover.

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