Track By Tracks: Building Upon The Revelation - The Pathways Of Discipline (2022)

1. Engineering a better future:

The whole record revolves around the theme of discipline and how it changes your life. (staying disciplined to master instruments, arts, sports, etc)

This one starts out hopeful full of optimism and excitement, the joy of accomplishing something and wanting to share it, and ends with the spirit of this world trying to break that joy down.

2. Anachoic:

This piece has a big arc, going from being a straight rocker and shifting thru a real introspective search. What are we made of, how strong are we, can you handle the storm.

3. Dark current:

This is life, pushing, pulling, distracting you from everything that matters. All the songs to me feel like a battle between good and evil, except track 4.

4. The discipline:

This is where it all comes together and the character realizes it's all right here within, the power to choose and decide. There is no fate no predestination,
It all comes down to our attitude and hard work.

5. Fallen architects:

This is the architects faced with the reality that their construction can no longer contain a truly free thinker.

6. Miasma:

Was thought to be the gas or vapor released from bogs and moors that spread the plague. So I pictured this as the overwhelming spirit that is washed over the world.

Complacency, negativity, selfishness, media lies, and propaganda pull the character back to sleep.

7. Patterns and pathways:

So we end with the beginning. Verses 1 and 3 are the patterns, 2 and 4 are the pathways, and the choice is yours. Follow patterns or create new pathways.

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