Track By Tracks: Helldrifter - Lord Of Damnation (2022)

1. Feed the Fire:

Feed the Fire, our opening track is an homage to the metal scene, the good old days. But also, about the feeling, the power, the force, and the unity in Metal.

2. RED:

Is a song about a psycho Killer, I didn’t make it clear if it's only an illusion or if the protagonist is the real killer.

3. Holy Terror:

This song is inspired purely by Frank Miller graphic novel with the same title: Holy Terror. if you haven't read that, do it!

4. Inferna in Marte:

That’s a song written about the video game doom, you know the nice stuff: An alien-infested Mars on which all hell breaks loose and the protagonist joins the party with some nasty guns. You gotta love that stuff!

5. On Wings of Evil:

A Song about the WW2, the nukes over the skies of Europe, and the debris left behind.

6. Lethargy:

It tells the story of a guy who is lost in his dark past, a Man who tries to get a grip but is lost in his deepest thoughts.

7. Banned to Obscurity:

It’s about the doomed future of Mankind and ways to stand in unity

8. Lord of Damnation:

It’s a song about a person who is caught in religious extremism, it captures in a surrealistic way all of his insane thoughts.

9. Absolution:

It’s a song about the fall of men, about a world falling apart.

10. Scars of Time:

It’s a song about a guy who went on an amok run. About all the fucked-up things going in his mind.

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