Band Biographies: Psionic Madness

Vargheist Records presents you with the 2nd album of Psionic Madness, themes of nuclear winter, survival, and the supernatural. 7 chapters spanning 40 minutes, they've expanded on their sound, songwriting, and aesthetics significantly.

Featuring the same supergroup trio as "Mortaility Salience" (Jared, Nicholas and Justin.) This is by far their best offering yet in all 3 of their massive, long-running discographies: The result of 3 multi-instrumentalists coming together to play to their main strengths (Jared: Drums, Nicholas: Guitars, and Justin: Vocals.)

Musically it is Dissonant Death Metal, Death Grind and Progressive blended into one creating an Extreme Metal Showcase as a whole. Lyrically it is inspired by the horrors of a post-apocalyptic wasteland, the aftermath effects of a global nuclear war, and how humanity would go from there.

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