Band Biographies: Grasping At The Shadow

Anger, sorrow, and pain personified was the goal when creating Grasping At The Shadow. Consisting of vocalist Jordan Hanley, violinist Kimberly Hovencamp, bassist Margaret Applegate, and guitarist Daniel Avalle, the band strives to create a unique brand of Deathcore by incorporating violin layered in with death metal riffs and brutal breakdowns. With this unique mixture, Grasping At The Shadow is a heavy, eerie, sight to be seen. Formed in 2011 by Daniel Avalle and Kimberly Hovencamp, Grasping At The Shadow has played with Lorna Shore, Rings of Saturn, Hate Eternal, Decapitated, The Browning, and many other national touring acts. After releasing their debut EP Nothing After Death, the band took a brief hiatus before reforming in 2022. Of their hiatus and reformation, the band says “Taking a break was not an easy decision to make but the request from fans the world over for more music could not be ignored. So in this era, we set out to create the angriest, most pissed off music we could.“

Going forward, the band plans to release more material as singles, filled by a brand new EP, and eventually a full-length album. They are also aiming to transition to becoming a touring act and engage with fans outside of their home state.

If you’re looking for a unique approach to Deathcore or a band similar to Filth, Humanity’s Last Breath, or Distant, look no further than Grasping At The Shadow!

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