Band Biographies: The World Without Us

Drew Tuzson, the founding member of The World Without Us explains "the original plan never included this being an actual thing; now I don't want to imagine my life without it." In late 2019, Tuzson began writing and recording what would ultimately become the 2022 full-length album, Silver Tongues. In early 2020, the world went inside; this is when writing and recording became self-prescribed therapy. After nearly two years of writing and recording, drummer Cole Yeager became a full-time member and the two played their first show in December of 2021. In January 2022, guitarist Dustin Johns joined forces with the duo and in March 2022, the Voltron suit was completed with the addition of bassist Brett Larsen. The four-piece continued to earn rave reviews from media and fans alike, quickly becoming the defacto local support in Eastern Nebraska. The World Without Us is proud to have shared the stage with such acts as In Flames, Orbit Culture, Earth Groans, Spirit Breaker, Lightworker, Calling All Captains, Archers, Execution Day, and more.

Silver Tongues is the debut full-length album from the Nebraska-based metalcore outfit. The name invokes multiple meanings throughout the story arc of the record. Initially intended as a time capsule for Tuzson's children, Silver Tongues has evolved into a body of work exploring life, love, and human existence.

The World Without Us is Drew Tuzson, Cole Yeager, Dustin Johns, and Brett Larsen. You can see pictures of the front of their heads and listen to their music at

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