Behind The Artworks: Rebel Souls - Dawn Of Depravity (2022)

We worked with Mitchell Nolte Art and Illustration (Australia) for the artwork. We are fans of his previous work with Aborted or Baest, and we saw more amazing stuff from him on Deviant Art. When we contacted him we quickly engaged in vivid correspondence about the state of affairs these days and we knew he was the right guy to convey our ideas.

In his own words, he was inspired by the concept behind the album...the downfall of an ideology-blinded, uncritical society, a world mired in the filth of delusion where people have given up on their own destiny, placing it in idols and demagogues and such. The archetypal characters of a joker, a general, a harlot, and of course a Caesar figure are the characters of some theater performing on this procession. It's the way of empires degenerate into autocracy, theocracy, kakistocracy, Caesarism, and all that.

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