Behind The Tracks: The Inferno Doll - Renfield (Single) (2022)

"Renfield" is a song about the fictional character from the 1897 Gothic Horror novel, Dracula by Bram Stoker. He was a patient in Dr. Seward's sanitarium and he had a taste for devouring flies, spiders, birds and rats in the hope of obtaining their life force for himself. He also was a subject of Dracula.

In my opinion, Renfield is an underrated character and one of my favourites. Renfield lost his mind to serving Dracula’s evil plans. He was a man who in moments of clarity felt guilt for being the one who prepared the way for Dracula to turn Mina into a Vampire. Dracula promised Renfield immortality and constantly provided him with insects so he could consume their lives… but in the end, he’s betrayed by his Master.

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