Behind The Tracks: Starcrazy - Hysterical (Single) (2022)

"Hysterical" is a love song/ode to our music community. It’s a celebration of the trashy yet beautiful city rats who attend our shows and parties and lose themselves in music and art as an escape from reality. True rock music is inclusive to people from all walks of life and that’s what I wanted to embrace with the lyrics in this song. I wanted the lyrics to almost create our own audience in a way. It's a song to feel connected to, with style and attitude that reflects what we're about.

The song is very much influenced by UK Glam Rock in style, particularly bands like The Sweet and Mott The Hoople. It's also got a hint of metal in the heavy section after the 2nd chorus. This is our ‘big sing along chorus’ song complete with big vocal harmonies and ‘WOOAAHH’s. It's a pretty powerful chorus, I'd like to think of it as uplifting although there's some darker themes going on in the lyrics, particularly in relation to air pollution. One of my favourite parts is the ending which features a piano part that was influenced by the Bowie song, "Aladdin Sane (1913-1938-197?)" and maybe a little by "Epic" by Faith No More. It ends the song on a bit of a dissonant note which contrasts well with the rest of the song sounding so happy and melodic.

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