Behind The Tracks: Violet Blend - Voices In My Head (Single) (2022)

Voices In My Head portrays the insecurity and fear of not being enough. It's a furious urgency to get rid of all those mental chains and obstructive thoughts in your head that prevent you from living freely. The voices are all the negative thoughts, comments, and representations of yourself that haunt and afflict your mind making you blind to the truth. The blindfold on my eyes in the artwork represents the blindness we're induced when we are not able to differentiate ourselves from the reflection and representation that others have of us.

We fight every day to make room for ourselves in the world, seeking affirmation and consent from others and this makes us lose what's worth in life and what we really are. We need to get back to what is important and real, breaking this crystal prison we've built to make others love us. We wrote the song instinctively and it came out as you can hear it. We wanted to exorcise and silence all those voices that kept screaming in our heads that we weren't going to make it. This song has further united us as a band, we got naked and stated together that nothing can stop us and those voices will remain just background noise.

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