Interviews About Albums: The Last Reign - Endangered Pieces (2022)

In this new interview, we sat down with the American Melodic Death Metal band The Last Reign to ask some questions about his new album "Endangered Pieces"

1. What can you say about this new EP/CD?

The forthcoming album is a collection of our last three EPs including It's Dangerous to go Alone (2019), Just Too Darn Loud (2021), and Sands of Fate (2023). The latter is a collaboration with vocalist, Jesse Isadore (DESIGN THE VOID). The idea was to release one new original song which will also appear on his debut solo album under the moniker ‘Isadore’ and have each of us choose one cover song. He chose "Good 4 U" by OLIVIA RODRIGO and our pick was "Ravenous" by ARCH ENEMY. For the 'Just Too Darn Loud' album, we took five 80s pop songs and gave them our own personal melodic death metal touch. Lastly, the 'It's Dangerous to go Alone' release features a video game medley along with a few chiptune renditions of songs from our debut, Expulsion from Paradise.

2. What is the meaning of the EP/CD name?

Endangered Pieces Volume One will be the first time the EPs are available on physical media which is part of the meaning behind the title as well as being lesser known songs. It also uses the letters EP which normally stands for Extended Play and which also seemed fitting since it's a collection of EPs.

3. Which one is the composer of the CD/EP?

Brian Platter is the founding member and primary songwriter of The Last Reign, but most of these songs were arranged and composed as a collective.

4. If you had to pick one song, which one would you pick?

It's hard not to pick Sands of Fate since it is the only original on the album, but I'm specifically proud of the Never cover, originally performed by Moving Pictures, which is also featured in the Footloose (Kevin Bacon) and Hot Rod (Andy Samberg) movie.

5. Is there a special message in this EP/CD? If there is what it is?

I wouldn't necessarily call this a special message, but experimenting with different musical genres within your own can really expand your horizons and push you outside of your comfort zones. Don't be limited to what you know. There is a lot of music out there and if you're open-minded enough, you should be able to find something you enjoy in almost every genre.

6. Are there some lyrics that you'd love to share?

I'm never gonna dance again Guilty feet have got no rhythm Though it's easy to pretend I know you're not a fool I should've known better than to cheat a friend And waste the chance that I'd been given So I'm never gonna dance again The way I danced with you

7. Which inspirations have been important for this album? Like musically or friends, family, someone you'd love to thank especially?

I would just like to thank all of the fans and artists that have supported The Last Reign throughout the years. It motivates us to keep going.

8. Something to add?

Keep an eye out for us in your hometown as we plan to hit the road a few times in 2023.

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