Track By Tracks: Burn The Sun - Le Roi Soleil (2022)

1. Wolves Among Us:

From the first time, Aggelos played that drum intro we knew that this was the album opener. Lyrically the track talks about the obsession people have with popular and famous figures and how we are willing to fall in line and shed our individuality in order to be popular ourselves.

2. Fist for Crows:

One of the first songs we ever wrote as a band and definitely the heaviest track of the record. With "A Fist for Crows" we tried to express the hopelessness and paranoia a person has to face every day when they are deemed as undesirable by society, struggling to survive with no hope of external support or help.

3. Fool's Gold:

The shortest and fastest track of the record showcasing our "punk" influences. It has a frantic energy and an unapologetic attitude that reminds us of all the times we were the butt of the joke regardless of whether we deserved it or not.


Severance was the most difficult song for us to complete as we always felt that it was missing something. It required a different approach in our writing process in the end however we managed to find its "voice". It is a melancholic and vulnerable song about loss; the loss of friends, lovers, or loved ones, and how sometimes loss is an inescapable part of life and other times is a direct result of our actions.

5. This Crawling Flame:

«This crawling flame» is, in the sense of ancient tragedy, a transgression in the album. A melodic representation of the impact society has on our souls and a reminder to keep feeding the fire within. It was recorded during the acoustic guitar sessions where we hadn't yet come up with vocal lines and lyrics. But Stam couldn't play it without singing so we had to do another setup in order to get the whole feel. What you hear on the record is the first take.

6. Tidal Waves:

"Tidal Waves" is another of our earliest tracks and a song we tinkered with quite a bit. All iterations of the song share the same basic structure, however, past ones tended to focus more on guitar leads and instrumental passages. In the end, we decided to give more space to the vocals and bring the vocal melodies to the forefront. The lyrics that accompany these melodies talk about how oftentimes instead of using our hopes and dreams to motivate us in order to improve our lives we actually use them as a sedative to help us cope with reality and everyday life, trapping us in the process.

7. The Calm Before:

A simple and beautiful instrumental interlude that allows both the album and the listener to take a breath...

8. Siren's Call:

"Siren's Call" was chosen as the first song to record when we entered the studio and it was used as the testing ground on top of which we developed the sound of "Le Roi Soleil". We felt that as a song it was a good representation of the whole album and as a result the perfect candidate for this role. The lyrics are about temptation, addiction, and how alluring it is to bury yourself in substances.

9. Torch the Skies:

While preparing to enter the studio to record "Le Roi Soleil" we felt that the record could use one more song, so we started jamming on an idea that had been around for some time and suddenly something just clicked. It took us two rehearsals to complete the song and it has remained unchanged ever since. In hindsight without "Torch the Skies" the album could never have been considered complete. The song itself is about a journey from the alienation that is caused by conforming to regaining agency and seizing your life by venturing into the unknown.

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