Track By Tracks: Höwler - Descendants Of Evil (2022)

1. The New World Disorder:

This song is a kind of mockery or parody of the story that we have been told since childhood about the beginning of humanity through the Bible and that the origin of evil is the devil, however, evil is a trait of humanity that comes by default. In addition, the song talks about people with global power, who control the masses to satisfy their ambitions and get richer and richer at the expense of the suffering of others, these are the people who have brought their evil to the highest and unthinkable levels.

2. Panzer 666: 

This song was inspired by the German Panzer VI tank and is basically about abuse, slaughter, and devastation by tyrants through war. It also seeks to criticize the desire of countries with armies to develop increasingly lethal weapons. We also wanted to add a biblical quote to which we made a small change to give it an evil and hopeless meaning.

3. The Last Days:

The lyrics of this song were inspired by the latest global events such as the pandemic, the Ukrainian war and other local events, a panorama that had an apocalyptic touch.

4. Supernova: 

This instrumental song makes us think about the immensity of outer space and how tiny and insignificant human beings are. We are absolutely nothing compared to the explosion of a star, such a powerful and significant event.

5. Anthem To The Warfare:

This song criticizes or mocks the soldier who fights in wars to defend other people's ideals, the ideals of people or groups of power that have their own agenda, which only serves their own interests and not what they make the people believe, even to the soldiers themselves.

6. Cycle of Violence:

This song addresses 3 aspects. One is the feeling of discharge of energy, hatred and other emotions that musicians have when it comes to having a live performance, it's like a cathartic moment, as well as feeling alive on stage. Another aspect refers to the hypocrisy of many people who come to concerts as spectators, supposedly to support, but in reality, they go with a feeling of envy and hatred to see what "the competition" is doing, to criticize, gossip, or harm them in any way. Deep down they don't want the band to succeed. The third one has to do with the feeling of revenge towards those people who hate you, who don't want you to succeed, who betrayed you... and in the end, give them back what they threw at you through the success that you could achieve and they couldn't. All this is in a cycle that repeats itself and does not end.

7. Immortality: 

This song talks about the constant search of the human being for eternal life, a search that is rooted in the fear of ceasing to exist. Many of the people who have embarked on this search are those who have managed to amass a great fortune or social prestige (usually through bad deeds) and are afraid of losing everything they have achieved, and they are also afraid of dying because, if there really is Hell, they know that's where they're going to end up. According to the research that Renan did, in the year 2046 is when the first real attempts at immortality will be seen through the freezing of brains and their subsequent installation in an android or avatar several years later, of course, only wealthy people will be able to access this kind of procedure.

8. In Human Race: 

This song is directly derived from the album title. This talks about the inherent evil in every human being, an evil that makes us go over anyone with the sole selfish purpose of achieving what we want regardless of whether we affect others along the way. An evil that is born with us, but that is cultivated as we grow thanks to dogmas and social practices. In the end, life can be seen as a race in which the only thing that matters is getting first place.

9. Sleeping with the Devil:

Renan wrote this song at a time when he was obsessed with listening to Mötley Crew. It is a kind of collection of anecdotes that he lived with women in the past, mainly in bars and motels in the capital. Many of these relationships did not end well, as they involved bad or troublesome women.

10. Live to Party, Party to Live: 

This one is kind of a bonus song on the album that's meant to give the ear a rest. This song was born one day when we were in the rehearsal room and Renan had spent a night partying with alcohol and other stuff, we talked about musical influences and Renan came up with the idea of creating a song that would mix all of it, of course, a single song is not enough to mention all our influences, but we have included some of the main ones. The song literally talks about partying, drugs and rock&roll.

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