Track By Tracks: NAZGHOR - Seventh Secular Crusade (2022)

1. Massive omen paradox:

The elements that surround this opus are many, vast, and abundant. Like the title, this song is a massive labyrinth where blazing drums meet a maelstrom of melodies.

2. Fulminating Fire:

A hymn to the flames that cleanses the polluted ones. This song is fast, the melodies are conductive, and with vocals clarify the distinct message.

3. A Crown Soaked in Blood:

This is a riff-based song with that rock ‘n roll feeling but yet true to its commission. A song of lust and temptation like the very darkness we worship.

4. Sons of Shadows:

Dedicated to all of those who stand in the aura of eternal contradiction. This song commutes between heavy and fast tempos, making it easy to get attached to.

5. Beyond the Grave:

A slow dance of death, where the melodies are manifested from the inception. The vocals penetrate through the instruments and summon a different kind of deliverance.

6.Primordial Lineage:

Blast beats, howling melodies, aggressive vocals, and shouted speeches. The perfect rhythm between beauty and cataclysm, a song well needed to complete an album with the right attitude and signature of Nazghor.

7. Seventh Secular Crusade:

A song of many paths through an episode of undiscovered rites. This song contains new ways of songwriting for Nazghor. While the melodies once again manage to carry a title song, new elements like the sound of waves and the singing chorus play a significant role.

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