Track By Tracks: Upon Your Grave - Gold & Decay (2022)

1. Revived:

Revived is a small opener that set the tone for the album. An intro without anything spectacular but the name, symbolizing the reanimation of the band and its rebirth. Short and to the point.

2. From Beyond:

From Beyond talks about the event of encountering a being naturally bound from outer space, while we first explore those endless confines after discovering space travel. A monstrosity unbound by our human conceptions of organic possibilities. The end of all sapient space-faring civilizations. The vocals range has it all in this one. from gutturals to high pitches, following grandiose agencements on guitars and epic melodic riffing providing a satisfying experience for the ears. All culminating in an epic solo for icing on the cake. It's a song we had fun creating and enjoy more and more each time we play it.

3. Pandora:

Pandora talks about the mythic story and the box that holds that same name. It's the only song on the EP that approaches a somewhat spiritual theme in touch with ancient greek myths, while still retaining the same vibe as the other songs. It's in your face, relentless, aggressive and one that we really like to play live because of its short action-packed nature. the agencements are smart and cohesive, delivering a brutal quick fix to any listener.

4. Supremacy:

This song symbolizes the death and rebirth of live shows caused by the pandemic. Shining a glimmer of light that attracts us to reunite and prepare for the return of music that binds us together: a united pack. It's fast-paced, and effective with an awesome chorus that we love. It's an energetic song that really shines through life and is probably one of the first songs we created since we revived the band from the dead. It may cause some heavy headbangs.

5. Transcend:

Transcend talks about a dystopian future where we put our bodies on warranty with cybernetic enhancements and augmented brains. Searching for a way to ascend with technology and bring the next step in evolution. Heavily inspired by Ghost in the Shell and cyberpunk elements, this one might interest listeners who like these aesthetics or know them. It's a big song that begins with a slap in the face, brutal riffs, and relentless drumming. bringing you in deep waters all along until it lets you breathe with a shredding solo. we really like this one as it is an experience to play it as a band.

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