Band Biographies: Greybeard

A thunderous machine that blends elements of black, progressive and death metal with large doses of classic heavy metal, Greybeard has established themselves as a band who defy easy classification. What started out as a bedroom project for Ross and Casey, quickly transformed into a band as Greybeard brought Guy and Amanda on board and started playing live shows and commanding attention. Since their inception in 2016, Greybeard have continued to evolve their sound and live performances, with the intensity and dynamics taking on a life their own.

Left to right: Guy Onraet (Guitar), Ross Andersen (Vocals, Guitar), Casey Rogers (Drums), Amanda Bourdon (Vocals, Bass Guitar)

Their latest album, Dark Age, is a near-future, post-apocalyptic story that has a family struggling to survive after civilization collapses. Through their struggles, the protagonist loses his sanity and sees himself as the last human on the planet as the mass extinction wipes out mankind. Dark Age pumps old-school groove into modern trappings of black and death metal while layering in clean vocals and moody dynamics to create an intense, haunting record.


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