Behind The Tracks: IN SONDER - Quintessence (Single) (2022)

To me, Quintessence has two different concepts. The first one is about the negative feelings that sink in when you’re feeling isolated and alone and sometimes it can be easy to feel weighed down by the daily grind. It can be difficult to get out of that monotony. Sometimes somebody might just need that push to go out and spend time with others to realize that there are people there for you and to remember that it is important to go out and enjoy yourself.

The second has a more sinister undertone. Conversely, to keep those same negative emotions at bay, the fast pace insinuates a fear of those feelings of depression catching up if you ever slow down. Going out and spending time with people can be a serious drain on others, which is where the original idea for Quintessence originally came from. It’s like being a social vampire, draining the essence of others, only gaining more energy to spend while people around you seem to grow fatigued. But they refuse to slow down, hence “give me your Quintessence!”.

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