Band Biographies: Disfiguring The Goddess

Disfiguring the Goddess (DTG) is an industrial heavy metal project hailing from Minden, NV. Behind the sound is Cameron Argon, also known as Big Chocolate, who is a renowned dubstep producer and death metal vocalist. Cameron has also collaborated with the late Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence in a project called Commissioner.

DTG started out as a high school garage band and evolved into a solo project. The focus of the sound has always been a combination of death metal, deathcore, and brutal slam death metal with atmospheric and moody electronics. The electronic influences range from industrial, techno, EDM, and sample-based vocals, and DTG continues to push the boundaries and experiment with its sound on each album release.

Big Chocolate is a well-respected death metal vocalist, having performed with Abombiblity Putridity in Moscow in 2009 and creating the popular deathcore vocal video "I Declare Goddess" starring I Declare War. He also performed vocally with Suicide Silence at the Mitch Lucker Memorial concert, further solidifying his place as a respected figure in the death metal community.

In conclusion, Disfiguring the Goddess is a one-of-a-kind industrial death metal project that combines death metal, deathcore, and brutal slam death metal with atmospheric electronics, and is led by the talented and widely recognized Cameron Argon.

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