Behind The Artworks: AIN’T - LO-FI DEMO EP (2022)

The cover of "Lo-Fi Demo EP" is nothing but my prostate ultrasound. I'm very hypochondriac, even if you can't tell from the rivers of alcohol I drink, so in the past I used to do some ultrasounds from time to time. Now I don't do them any more because my hypochondria has turned into "I’d better not check myself because I'm afraid to know". In any case, I didn't know what cover to choose, so one day I thought “what's more punk than a prostate as an album cover? Maybe only the second album by Discharge”. The idea was to underline self-centredness and vanity as well as the intention to make everything more strictly personal. Those who have already bought and those who will buy the physical copy of the disc will also get the ultrasound of my bladder and kidneys!

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