Behind The Tracks: Chaidura - With you (Single) (2023)

“With You” was inspired when someone close to me was diagnosed with an irreversible medical condition. Even though I was there for that person, I felt a sense of helplessness as I witnessed the suffering that came with it. At that moment I hoped for a way to share the pain, anything to make that person feel better, anything. But at the end of the day, the only thing I could do was to express myself and make sure that I’m there for that person as much as I can. “With You” is therefore a promise to myself to always be there for my loved ones. Sonically, with you is a blend of electronic, emo and metal compiled into one unique product. The song begins with an arpeggiated synth that builds up to the cathartic main riff that is full of emotion and heart. The vocals are delivered with intensity and all my spirit as I essentially try to capture the pain that everyone is feeling and letting it all out through this song. The song is evidently inspired by bands like Bring Me The Horizon & My Chemical Romance but has a unique J-Rock inspired melody line (almost like an anime opening) that stems from Chaidura’s heavy visual kei influence".

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